Brussels Work Permit Visa Application


I have created this new thread for the work permit visa application as I think it’s a slight different situation to what I have been reading in most of the threads.

So our situation is : my husband has applied for work permit visa for himself for now with his employer in Brussels. So we are originally from India ( Indian passport) living in the UK. We are to move out from here next month however waiting 4 letters from the embassy.
We applied on the 20th feb’19 and got the first approval on 8th March. All of the application is done from UK.
What happens if we go back to India ? We did inform the employer and asked them to let the concerned people to share a copy with the Indian embassy too.
But we are not entirely sure on what happens and how would this go about ? I hope we don’t have to start all over again as we applied from the UK :(


Its best to wait till you both get your visas to come to Belgium and then go to India before you enter Belgium. Once you have your visas in hand you can enter from any country.

Thank you very much for your response 😊

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