Getting Mortgage in Brazil

Hi everyone,

im originally from Germany but live in the UK at the moment with my wife who is from Brazil.

We are thinking of moving to Brazil in a few years and i would like to prepare for that as much as possible.

This question may be very specific, so not sure whether its correct to ask it here.

Basically I would like to understand on whether we can get a mortgage in my wife name for a property in Brazil. She fulfils all the requirements and owns an apartment in Brazil out right, which is currently rented out.

We are thinking of buying a property in the South of Brazil. We do not have the cash to pay for it outright but about 50% of it. So i was wondering whether in Brazil it is an option to have something like a remortgage or an equity release on the existing property and we would be able to use that cash to finance the other 50 %. Then we would pay down this new "mortgage" with the income we get from the both rented out properties.

Is that something that works in Brazil?



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