Spanish Nationality for Foreigners

Hello everyone,

I recently got married  to my  longtime boyfriend here in Mallorca.  I am American  and he is Spanish.  I have no idea how to obtain my Spanish  n.i.e number... I tried navigating the Spanish ministry of foreign affairs website  as well as call them with no success... my husband has been working 12 hrs a day leaving me without any help from him... should I  talk to a lawyer about what I need to do next or has anyone else gone through this process already? 

Any suggestions would help me a ton


An NIE is only a fiscal ID Number. It has no relevance for anyone regarding permisión to live in Spain.

If you are a non EU national then you will need to apply for `Residencia`.       I suggest you search under   "Spain family reunificación".

See: … ication_en … ar_eng.pdf

Johncar thank you so much for your reply and resources  I'll check them out now

i dont quite understand how relocation works  into my situation... I thought when a spouse obtains nationality or citizenship by marriage that's how they file everything.. I have my biblio de familia what I assume I need to do is go to the policies nacional for extranjeros here in Palma and submit a form with  copies of the rest of my documents... I'm getting confused  still because most of the information I have found and read pertains to residency after a couple years period...I'm right now trying to get my nationality papers and healthcare.  I'm not an EU resident and that's what alot of people dont understand  the US has less relevance to Spain than the EU or any other countries that have a 'understanding/negotiation' with Spain

in spain one does not acquire Spanish nationality nor even residence status by marriage to a Spaniard or other EU national

Sorry to be repeating this again:    As a non EU national you will need apply for ‘residencia’

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