CFO seminar

Hi, all.

My girlfriend is coming to visit me and departing from Ninoy airport in Manila.

She thought she didn't need to attend the seminar, since she's not settling permanently abroad.

Now, after being on the phone with the officials, they say she will need a cfo sticker in her passport.

The problem is, there are no available slots left before her departure eiter in Manila, Cebu or Clark.

Will she not be allowed to leave the country without the sticker? Even if she's only leaving on a 3 month tourist visa?

Hoping for a quick reply from someone knowledgeable

She might not need the CFO clearance as she is just your gf and you are not yet to her.

So, she can declare is visiting a friend or on tourist purpose.

She will only need CFO when you are married.

Hope that helps.

Hope so.
Unless they want to see the invitation letter. It's very clear we are boyfriend/girlfriend in the letter.
I think we will just have to try and send her through immigration and see

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