Asking about EOSB. JANUARY 2011 TILL JANUARY 2019

Hello guys out there. I know some of my questions may be the same to others posted in this forum but im sure there is also a lot of deffirences that might enlighten to others the same situation that i went through.

As you u can see guys my name is hairdresserbeautician so obviously am a hairdresserbeautician working in ksa riyadh since 2011of january till this moment i writing this.

After my 3 yrs i got my 40days vacation as i don't have choice but follow my employer's will, as our passport is with her. But supposed to be every 2yrs we have to have our vacation.

  My first vacation was year2014 and after i came back i work again over 3yrs. so my 2nd vacation was january8 2017 and unfortunately i came back again and it was February21 2017

Am not supposed to came back but our employer promise us that every year she would let us have our vacation. Unfortunately we yes we because not just me believed.
Feb22 2017 i started working again with full of hope that after12months  i gonna have my vacation but  unfortunately am still here "hello employer am still here lol.

As always my hope is failed.
Expected to got vacation a year and failed is kinda...😭

After 1 year and 2 years  am still here hello👋 riyadh really loved me. Can't u see😂.

Laughing is the best medicine guys so i tried to laugh as reasonable as possible otherwise you could tell that am become crazy 🤪

These is the enteresting story below.

After expected to have the vacation after one year all are just dreamt because as of now working this place is unpredictable. Our boss suddenly sold out the place and i guess to earn more money she sold the place with us.

If it was regularly 3 years we went vacation i guess it will be 4yrs this time😢😭

She(old employer) sold us to her(present employer) without us knowing. Letting us sign an arabic writings and thumb mark on it. No choice but to sign even though not supposed to. She said was about baladiya and we 7 ladies sign on that paper without knowing what stated on that paper.
Our comision was really late and she gave that time but she said that she gave our comision but we have to sign it first for baladiya. Even though we know it was not for baladiya me myself also signed it. Because all of them pioneer already t signed as well. So no choice guys.

Now since she sold us to this present employer now that we are working on. We expected our benifits as within my 9yrs i earn lots of money to her. Highest income that i got 90k sar  the lowest is 35ksar.thats but regular income 50k+ sar. So that is just one months only.

But when we ask our benifits she refused to give as she stated that the salon is bankrupt but it was not. The main reason we know is because she has lots of credit that she failed to pay and get the warning that if she doesn't gonna pay everything the salon will be close...

Mr yousef i think could answer what i really need to get this story here. As the same to others we get hesitated to make a step that may be it just wasting our time waiting for nothing. I have courage to do step but to ensure that the will be worth it.

Mr yousef enlighten me what should i do. Thank you🙏 foradvance have a great day always. Zakallah khairan.

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