We want to get Married(U.S. Citizen with a S.A. Citizen)

Hello my fellow Expats,
I am looking for assistance or suggestions on what I can attempt next. What I am trying to do is marry a Saudi Arabian citizen. Though before I simply ask, one must understand the current status all that my Fiancé and I are at. I will try to keep this a brief as possible.
I arrived in the Kingdom in July of 2016. In February of 2017 I converted to Islam. I met a woman shortly thereafter. At the time I was 52 years old and she was 48. Now I am 54 and soon she will be 50(too late for an Expat to marry a Saudi Citizen). She is divorced since over five years. She was born in Morocco and her ex-husband had her change her citizenship to a Saudi Arabian. She does not have a valid passport.
At the end of March 2017, I asked her to marry me. We then began the complete process as required by the Laws here in the Kingdom. By the time the blood tests, Urinalysis, Psychiatric evaluation, Local police finger print check, and local police background check had been completed. It was now August of 2017. It was also required that I turn in a Police Background check from my home country. I had one when I first arrived in the Kingdom, yet it was older than three months.
The first request we submitted was rejected for my background check was too old. I was in country the whole time. I called to request a new background check from the local police from where I received my first one. I was told by this police station and the 12 that I called, that if I am out of country longer than one year. Nobody can give me a background check. I was told I must go to the Federal government for a background report. I did exactly that. A police background check goes back 10 years. A Federal background check goes back one’s entire life.
When I was 20 years old (34 years ago), I was arrested for a misdemeanor. It was a traffic violation comparable to getting a speeding ticket here in the Kingdom. This was on the report that I received from the Federal Government. The bad part was the agency made a mistake with their identification numbers on the violation. It made me out to be a weapons manufacturer and explosive dealer…nevertheless I wanted to show who I am and we submitted this report. Once again it was rejected.
Each time the marriage request was submitted to the local Prince, my Fiancé went to get the results. So now it was rejected again (2 times now). She did not get to see the Prince. They kicked her out and said it was the will of Allah. They said it was rejected for I was a criminal…a bomb maker or possibly a terrorist according to the report. She went back a third time to see the Prince. He told her “No”. He suggested we try and get the original arrest report. I did exactly that. It showed it was a traffic violation like here in the Kingdom.
The report was translated and this time I went to see the Prince. I was sent to the Vice Prince. This time they saw there was a mistake. The accepted the complete report. Now it was almost two years later. They told me to call back in two weeks. Two weeks turned into two months. I am not getting younger and soon the law will not allow us to marry for she will then be 50 years old.
Four times now the complete paperwork has been submitted. On the fourth time, they did not say “NO”. This time they called the local police to collect all of the submissions and rejections from the three previous times. They found there was no reason to say “NO”, yet nobody knew how to approve it. So they sent all of the paperwork to Riyadh. Now it is over two years sent the paperwork has been submitted. We have a case number. The packet was sent directly to the Minister of Interior, Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. It was not sent to the office, it was sent directly to him. We know people who work with the Prince here in the southern region and they told us it went directly to the Minister of Interior.
So, with all of that being said (If you read it all), does anyone know how we can get this processed? We have tried online and my local Consulate. We were told we could get it done by paying SAR 60,000. Though a lawyer friend said this is bribery and could get us arrested. So we did not go this route.

Thank you in advance,

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