Is there someone available in the West to look after my new found kitty (1month old appprox) for 5 days from 18th till 23rd of April ?

I suggest you post on the Facebook page of 'Paws Mauritius'. You will reach a much larger number of people.

In your home?? I'm 44 years of age Irish/ Mauritian couple, no children, &  we have  been looking for accomodation for those nights between renting a new place. We both Love animals, have few rescues ourselves, cats included. I rent out my own home in Ireland so I know the importance of respect. Maybe could do deal? I'm serious, not wasting your time.
Kind regards
Samantha Brandon

Are you considering my suggestion?

Yes. Tried getting to you by privage msg but i couldnt.

My number is ***. Internet was down. Or FB Sam Brandon.

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I'm back at home so have wifi again. Sorry!

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