Residence personal number Sweden!

Hello to the community!
I am in a relationship with a Swedish girl last one year.and living in Greece together.
We are planing to move to Sweden this summer.
I have Greek citizenship and my girlfriend Swedish.
So we are both from EU country.
I need to apply for personal number in Sweden so i can live there pay taxes work etc etc...
In the official site of migration board of Sweden they doesn't have information about my case...
Also in other site they are bit confused.
Do you know how to apply were etc or any information will be helpful.
Regards Kevin!!

Frankly, I'm confused by what you are saying.

Migration website have proper guidelines for that. … izens.html

You need to apply for a resident permit first, have you done that?

If you are an EU citizen, all you have to do is to go directly at the Skatteverket or the Tax Agency and apply for personummer. You can check out this link for more info … f4edc.html

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