Medical Transport

My research shows that The Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS) is the largest hospital in the Dominican Republic and one of the most modern in Latin America.  I have also learned that it will accept my international insurance  (I do not quality for DR insurance).  If I decide to live in Puerto Plata, is there a reliable private medical transport service that I can subscribe to that would transport me to HOMS in case of an emergency?  Or, if access to major health care is a priority, should I consider living in Santiago or Santo Domingo?

There are insurance plans available just for medical transport including ambulances and helicopters. Emergency medical services (911) is also available. But due to the urgency of the medical emergency you may be taken to the closest hospital instead of a hospital over an hour away. In which case it may be best to live in those cities.

Yes there is an in country Air Ambulance service honey.  I will get you a link.  It's very inexpensive!

Thank you in advance Planner for the Air Ambulance service info

Here you go honey:

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