Leaving an apartment - charges and the law - help please!

Hi Everyone,

I recently left my apartment in Brussels. And I have a little problem with my ex landlord.

My move out day was a Saturday. On the Thursday the landlord came round, he took photos of the meters, we did the "etat de lieu", we went to the bank, we signed all the paperwork to release my deposit, I paid 75 Euro in estimated outstanding utilities charges. Everything was done and dusted. Or so I thought.

Then on the Saturday I received an email, informing me that I owed 480 euro. This amount went up to 502 euro when I queried it and asked for proof. This was one in a long line of surprises during my tenancy. In fact, the landlord had previously estimated that he owed ME money for over paid utilities. This was then revised several times to the final sum of 502 euro in his favour. As such I'm not sure if I trust that I actually owe this money.

I have asked a British lawyer about this and they told me that in the UK once the paper work is sorted I can just walk away.

Can anyone with a knowledge of Belgian law tell me if this is the case in Belgium?

Many thanks,


Did you had an "états des lieux" when you went IN?
If yes, you must have signeded it.
You should read again the details to know what was declared about the stuff you might have damaged when you left the apartment.

Did you signed the "états des lieux" when you went OUT (and gave back the keys)?
If yes, you should compare the statement done IN & OUT of the états des lieux.

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