New to Sao Paulo - Giving birth soon

Dear members,

My husband and I will be arriving very soon to Sao Paulo or a few years.
Being pregnant at the moment i will be delivering in Brazil. We've never been before to Brazil, we are very much exited to start this new adventure but stressed out regarding giving birth as we dont know much about healthcare system. Our health insurance doesn't cover pregnancy and delivery so we will have to pay for everything.

In order for us to start organize things we need your help in order to answer a few questions:

- Do foreigners have the right to access public hospitals like locals?
- If yes is it a good idea to give birth in a public hospital ? Any idea about infrastructure, quality of services and prices?  I heard that the following public hospital is good AMPARO MATERNITY  is it true? any feedback?

- In terms of private maternity clinics any idea about a good private clinic that wont break our bank? Any idea about prices? Ideally we are looking for a good private option that wont be unreasonably priced ( Normal birth, not C Section).

- If anyone has any feedback of a good gynecologist ( in the public or private sector, ideally English speaker, please do not hesitate to share with us.

- Any recommended areas for accommodation? We are looking for a secure area and reasonably priced.

- Regarding birth certificate and passport for the newborn, what is the procedure? Documents required for the passport.

- What about the procedure for parents permanent residency/ future citizenship i read that as parents of a child born in Brazil we could be Brazilian citizens after one year of residency . Is that true? what are the procedures/ documents required? Any government websites that you recommend we should look at?

- We both understand fairly well Portuguese but we dont speak the language. Would that be a problem, do people speak english as well? We intend to attend Portuguese lessons but in the meantime we hope that the language barrier will not be tough.

Your help would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Hospital e Maternidade Santa Joana
· Maternidade
R. do Paraíso, 432
(11) 5080-6000

Same folks own the Promatre
R. São Carlos do Pinhal, 139 - CEP: 01333-001 - Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP - 11 3269 2233

Public Hospitals

Consider living in Sao Caetano.  Two years in you are entitled to free public health care.
They are very hands on
Sao Caetano and Santo Andre are pretty good at this. 
There might be other cities in Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina with decent public health care systems.
Hospital Municipal Walter Braido., Not sure if pediatrics and obstetry is their forte. … %A3o_Paulo
I would avoid Hospital Brasil and Santa Casa, the later unless you are on a stringshoe. The care is ok, facilties, well...

Hospital Cristovao da Gama is excelent, as well as Santa Helena, Beneficiencia Portuguesa.

At least elderly folk get top notch care.  Santo Andre at least, they have pre assigned folks who visit your residence monthly to assess your health, order a nurse, a doctor. 
Home health with no bill

I am sure Campinas, Sorocaba, Ribeirao Preto, Sao Jose dos Campos, Taubate, Araraquara  are up to par.

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