Hello from Zhuhai

Just a message to say hello to everyone and anyone out there.
My name is Mark and I've been in this amazing country for a month but only a couple of weeks in Zhuhai.
Don't know many people and hoping this will change that

Hi Mark,

I hope you’ve been able to make friends in Zhuhai. I don’t live there but I San on moving there in a few years and my in-laws also might be moving there even sooner.

How are you finding it? What do you do there? I’m a teacher and my F-in-law is a chef. He’ll need looking for jobs in high-end Italian restaurants there soon. Do you know of any?

Where do you live? What’s you’re experience of apartment hunting?

Hope you’re still enjoying yourself!

Making friends in China is easy. You go up to a guy and offer him a cigarette. You just talk in English. It doesn't matter if he can understand you or not. Or you go to a restaurant and order a beer and buy some beer for the guys in the table next to you and start talking.

Easier in Zhuhai, but we're all pretty mellow here. It's gonna be quiet for the next month or so as everyone is going up North to see family.

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