translating Portugese Documents to English

Wondering if anyone knows anyone near the city of Passos ,Minas Gerais
Need some certificates translated in English
Thank you

If you mean for sworn translations, I've been pleased with Fidelity Translations.  They'll work from scans of documents that you send them over the Internet, and return the translations in electronic format.  They also have an office in Belo Horizonte.
If you want someone local, Google "Tradução Juramentada" and the name of your city; if someone local is available, they should show up.  Chances are that they'll be more expensive, though.
Sworn translators are selected through competitive examinations administered by the Junta Comercial of each state.  The Juntas Comerciais seem to limit the number of translators, to keep the prices high.  Here in Amazonas, the examination hasn't been administered in almost 30 years, and a handful of translators have a local monopoly.

Thank you

in  São paulo  HAVE

Google Traducao Juramentada.  It is a racket, but you do not have ways around to it.
Make sure you get a place they quote reasonably, you can actually drive to pick it up, and that they provide you some proofreading copy before you authorize the final draft. And get your copy notarized at no extra charge. 

There are too many hacks in the business, and most of them do not understand proper English to meet the standards of your local office.

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