Tourists Visa to usa?

Have met a gal online and am very cautious and taking baby steps so far but would like to know if anyone can tell me how difficult it is for her to obtain a tourists Visa to the USA?
I know that I can start the application process and pay the application fee online rather sending her any money that may or may not not ever be used fora Visa. What my concerns are is paying the application fees and her being denied a tourist Visa since I really don't know how difficult it is and what kind of hoops the us embassy makes them jump through for just a regular one week tourist Visa.


I tried to do exactly what you would like to do in this regard. I sent the money for the fee to my sweetheart, she paid the fee and got her application. We had high hopes that she would get a tourist visa and when she arrived on American soil, we would quickly get married and then apply for permanent residence. BUT, when she went to the American Embassy in Accra for her interview, she was denied with barely what you might think of as an interview, she had some documentation with her but was not asked to show it. She was denied without explanation, as no explanation is owed nor given. It was like, hey, thanks for the 160 bucks, now get the f**k out. Next!

Btw, if you really want to see where her heart is, just send the money for the fee directly to her. If she uses it for the visa application, that's a good sign. If she doesn't follow the plan, you can and should dump her, again, without explanation.

How do you know that she in fact paid the fee you sent her and what was your resolve from that point after she was denied???

At the moment there is a dispute between Ghana and the US as Ghana will not assist in the repatriation of undocumented Ghanaians so it is very difficult for anyone to get a Visa. If you want proof she has lodged the application then she can send you a copy of the receipt.
It is very difficult for Ghanaians to get visas to many places. They have to show proof of income and have assets or something here which will ensure they will return.

Seems like it might be better to take a trip there and if they are the real deal then marry them while you are there and then bring them back in a spocial visa as soon as you can get one.

Even that is not as easy as it sounds. Good idea to come and check that she is who she says she is, but a spousal Visa can take a long time.

I even cant understand how so many people just fall in love online and invite for marriage .
Its normal that most embassies dont take this serious . Old guys and ladies allover the world think they can buy young desperate Africans its sick sorry for saying. You all should be ashamed and at leats visit them in Ghana to see how they live and learn the culture that would show respect to them and also help to apply visa if you can proove with pics that you at least met the people. Somethimes i am ashamed about certain whites who think they can buy young people online.


Thank you very much!!!

My take on this is visit Ghana 🇬🇭 and have a great time, feel around and then you're going to know for yourself what decisions are best for you. If she's real, you will know as well. But on the other side of the coin, why am I not getting a woman from USA to marry, they seem not to like us but your men are drooling over our women. Not balanced at all.

Thank you for these reflections worthy of fairy tale.

Everyone, including you, knows very well that nine intercontinental marriages are based on simple hypocrisy. Because there is always one who actually wants to have after one the passport and the nationality of the other ...

I know a lot of white ladies comming to Ghana to find a guy . But for the wrong reason. Old desperate white ladies and guys are visiting Ghana to get young meat . It makes me sick how people treat others as slaves and what i have seen is that boys , girls , young and old , married prostitute themselves to get invitations or money. Its big business in Ghana .. but for the rest they running every sunday to church. Its crazy how things are going and i only have seen it getting worse the past 10 years . Everybody have sex with everybody married or not guys or girls no matter for money or papers. I know a lot of Ghanians in Europe and if i hear what they have done to get here or to survive here i get sick and ashamed to be a white. I love Africa and visit it every year to help people , give them chances not to abuse sexually or becaus ei am older and desperate. For those people i have no respect at all . So all those people who search cheap and young sexdates in Africa to hell

This is very true. In Ghana here, it's very difficult to get even a week tourist visa to the US. If you would have a little trust and send her as a test for her to try who knows her lucky day.

Is not bad tho but all depends on the lady

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