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Hi guys,

First of all, I'm new here so I'll briefly introduce myself. I'm 25, working as financial advisor in the banking industry in Belgium. I invest the money of my clients in the stock market. I've been doing that job for a year now, and I also do some estate advisory. I was previously internal auditor (6 months) in Luxembourg in the anti-money laundering & counter terrorist fighting.

I got a Master degree in Management (HEC-Ulg) and a Bachelor in e-business (HEPL). My Master thesis had as title "Crisis management through social media and its impact on e-reputation". I also studied 6 months at the business school of Maribor, Slovenia.

I've wanted to move to Toronto since I was 16. I met a girl and we moved together in an apartment here in Belgium so I decided to put aside my "dream" of moving out. We broke up few days ago and now I feel free. I want to think about myself and to live life at its fullest. Today is the day, today I'm decided to do it. Nothing else holds me back here.

So, sorry for the long speech. I'm new to the forum and I just did my resume. There is a forum in Belgium known as "Destination Canada" that takes place once a year. There are hundreds of companies looking for Belgian candidates to move to Canada but, sadly, not a single job opportunity met my expectations (almost nothing related to my degrees)... I'm highly versatile and I learn stuff pretty fast. My Master Degree opens me many doors and I don't have any specific job I'd like to get. All I want is to get the feeling that I contribute to something and that I'm being challenged.

I'd like to get a personal contact with someone based in Toronto for few tips (feel free to send me a message). If you guys know any company, any website, any person, well, anything that could help.. It would be really appreciate. I'm highly motivated and determined. I won't move to Toronto unless I find a permanent job over there.

Thank you if you read those last words!
Have a nice day,


Whilst waiting for others to reply please take the time to read other posts here. Also click on 'Discover' at the top of this page and open the Canada Guide. Plenty of information there.

That's what I'm doing, but I wanted to post that first since yes, as you said, it will take time to get a network. At least it's already done. Thanks for the quick response!

You need to check this web site first, all the answers are there … nship.html

You are from Europe, although you can work in Europe everywhere this doesn't work in Canada, you need to have first a status there, emigrant status, or work visa from an employer, which is very rare in Canada.

the best way is to emigrate in Canada first , have a residence, have all the social security card and all and with that you can find a job.

Good Luck

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