Hi everyone

I wonder if anyone could give advice on the job recruitment process and where to start.

My husband and I would like to relocate our family he is a lecture 17-40 year olds in further education in electrical engineering.

What would be the chances on him getting employment

Thank you I’m advance

There have been many discussions on this forum about finding jobs in Singapore and a lot of good advice is available - so read and follow as much of it as possible!
If you then still have specific questions that have not been answered yet, please feel free to come back and post them here.

I just saw that you posted the same question on the Thailand and India forums (plus previously in Sri Lanka).
Sorry, but that approach won't work!
An international move, especially with kids, requires great dedication and a sense of purpose. Just saying "anywhere and in any job" will not help you. If you don't know where you want to go and what you want to do there, then better stay at home.


It’s called keeping your options open, we are very open to where we relocate too as we are not grounded people and giving our children life experience is what we aim for.

I thought that’s what this forum was about seeking help and guidance not negativity and rudeness.

And as far as relocation we have already lived abroad we know exactly what we want to do as we are very qualified

That's Great. Let me have a way to get in NZ. As a expat pl advice me. Websites won't work than real life experiences.

Well, if you already know too much to accept well-meant advice from an expat who lived in Asia for 15 years (in 6 countries, also with family), then good luck! (But I wonder why you posted here then?)

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