Nursing Question

Hi! I am currently a Medical Secretary in one a hospital in Juffair. I am a nurse by profession but was not accepted on the same hospital because they told me that I should have 3 years or above experience as nurse, which I do have, but they did not consider my experience as a Occupational Nurse in the Philippines. I have a total of 4 years experience but they have 3 years gap in between (2010-2012 then 2015-2017). With those experience would it be possible for me to apply as a nurse in any clinics/hospital in Bahrain?

Hi there..

Regarding your work or experience as a occupational nurse, there are clinics or hospital who can hire you but if you are working without specialization it will be tough. You can start doing as a dental assistant which is more Filipino Nurse do here in bahrain and jump to another field of expertise like dermatology, I advise you to take a year or 2 for easy access on what you wanna do..
If you dont have NHRA problem to get license then clinics will be a good start.
Hospital nowadays are hard to apply and play.

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