Connecting flights to Romania

Hi, I'm already checking online for flights going to Romania because by October I'm gonna be applying for visit visa for my December trip this year.

As much as possible my Romanian partner and I would like to avail cheap flights to save money ( coz we are on budget😅) Upon checking, I saw cheap flights which is very nice however there are lay overs( connecting flights). Mostly 2 layovers and different airlines.
For example;
manila (Philippines) -> Beijing -> Germany -> Romania

Since I have never been out of the country even once  and going to travel to Romania by myself, I'm kinda worried with these connecting flights. Dont want to have some problems, got stuck there and lose my flight. I'm not sure if I will be needing another visa when I landed on those countries where my connecting flight is or if my visit visa to Romania is already fine.

I'm from Philippines by the way.

Will greatly appreciate your advise, ideas or experiences on these kind of situation.

Thank you so much

On the Germany-Romania leg:  When scheduling the flights, be sure to have enough layover time between connections.  At least a full hour, and I'd suggest more.  If the final connection is with BlueAir, definitely more.  They are notoriously late.  Wizz is a little better.  In fact, any of the "small" airlines are going to be loose about the schedules.
The bigger airlines are much better at it, but even they can have problems.  On her last flight, my wife and son missed a connection and had to spend the night in a hotel until an available flight the next day.  (Austrian Airlines paid for the hotel, and the new EU laws made them refund us almost the full cost of the flight for the inconvenience.)

Thanks genjerdan😊

Anyone there especially Filipinos  who have tried booking for a roundtrip flight (with 2 stops )for your short stay visit visa? ??

Will the romanian embassy and the immigration in the airport of Philippines will accept that roundtrip ticket with connecting flights or they will ask for a direct flight?


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