Financed Car - How to Sell it when moving out of USA

My car is financed and I'm leaving the USA for good in a couple of months.

I called the bank and they told me to check with the dealer from where I bought the car that they usually buy it back (of course for a very low price).

So, I went to the dealer and I was in shock by what they advise me to do. The guy said I had 2 options: sell the car for a dealer such as CarMax/Carvana, etc. or, if I did not care about my credit score, to stop paying the instalments and abandon the car. I was SHOCKED by what he was saying to me. I could not believe that a big dealer in Florida would give such advice to somebody.

Does anyone recommend a car dealer that buys financed cars?

Any other suggestions?


You can find some good advice in the link I provided here. A dealer would be the last place I would sell it because typically they offer the lowest price. Use the Kelly Blue Book website to find the value of your car, sell it yourself, and pay off the loan. … -your-car/

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