Resignation and final exit

My company now is not in a good situation, we are working in a clinic that is sponsored by a doctor but our employer is not him. Our clinic is technically closed now because they moved out to a different location and on process of transferring to a new sponsor.We decided to resign because from the start we had problems with late issuance of iqama; like we only had it almost after a year and late salaries. Now they are asking us to pay a penalty of 1 month salary, and also we will pay our plane ticket and according to them they will ban us for 3 years from entering Saudi Arabia. Please suggest what can we do with this. And by the way back in the Philippines I paid for my placement that is equivalent to 1 month salary. Hope you can help us. Thank you

Don’t pay them anything. Contact your countrie’s consulate and explain your situation to them. And try to dial the free helpline number of the ministry of labor.
The tickets prices are paid by your employer and there is no such thing as penalties for resigning work unless they mentioned that in the work contract.

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