doing business in Lisbon

Hi...i am planning to come to Lisbon for looking for possible investment in the city, I was wonder if anyone can give me some advice..
I  am Italian.
My background is south east asia and now the balkans, specifically in Montenegro.
I like to be here but business opportunities are not so exciting.
In particular I am looking to be in a decent weather, in a city that moving with more challenges, with options for international/english schools (my daughter is 10y)
My background is focus on f&b and hospitality.
I am looking for a place to invest in a property to live and in a commercial space to run anything from tapas bar to a small boutique hotel with entertainment and activities…
let me know if you can recommend me or point me someone to talk with!.Thanks!

You seem to be moving to many countries..... It might be worth listing them then members can give better advise.
At the moment it looks like you are spamming the site.


massystop Today 08:26:12
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hi, is because i travel and i invest that i am spamming the site? are you a moderator?  :/ ...i thought that this forum is to get advices!

The forum sees a lot of spammers, many following the posting patten you've used. That isn't to accuse you of anything, but you can probably understand the concern.

yes, i understand! mine is a genuine request :)

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