Hi I’m Lisa moving the Shenzhen in July with my son. Any tips?


To best leverage this forum you need to understand some ground rules.

Those of us that participate in this forum do so to help other expats. Others helped us, and now this is a way that we can give back to the community. All of us are quite busy, and active, with families and lives. So to get any kind of help and assistance from us you need to tell us your situation in detail.

Writing a H2 header statement will not garner you any responses. Especially with a smiley icon. That's a very lazy way to abuse this forum. It also won't inspire anyone to say anything.

Here is what you need to provide, and then we will do our best to assist you.

[1] What is your gender, age, and nationality?
[2] How old is your child? How do you plan to attend to their education?
[3] Are you married, or have other relationships?
[4] When is your anticipated arrival date, and how are you planning to arrive?
[5] Why are you coming to China?
[6] Are you employed, a tourist, retired, or other?
[7] What do you like to do for hobbies and entertainment?
[8] What do you expect to got out of your stay in China?
[9] How long will you live in China, what are your plans?

These simple questions go a long way in determining how we can help you out and answer your questions.

Best Regards.

hot summer in Jul shenzhen, we always hide in the ac room. if you need to go outside. always use suncream and umbrella

Well, I’m certainly not lazy and I don’t abuse anyone or anything! I guess I won’t be back here again.

Hi Lisa, as in any part of China, Language is always the major barrier but Shenzhen and other first-tier cities may be the best for reaching to some English speaking folks (won't be much that you'll probably count them on your hands at first).  Never the less, the place is nice, modern and if you need to escape a bit to HongKong (which is border to Shenzhen) if your visas permit, there'd be more English speaking.
Traveling is easy once you get the hang of it so if you have time to explore, an offline updated GPS app should be enough not to get lost and reaching the closest subway station. Once you engage in some Chinese language, you can use Chinese apps that assist in going around.
It is nice to get involved but try your best to adjust to the customs and traditions of the place you're visiting, should it be Shenzhen, other cities or other countries, and all will be nice. The more you'd try to stick to your traditions, the more expensive it gets.
July is hot as some mentioned above but should be ok.
Last but not least, you can see some other posts from others that may hint other things to engage in or avoid and you're always welcome to keep in touch with us.
Guys!, being new to China will probably make someone feel to question without knowing what questions they should be asking. We should be helping each other and be constructive

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