Incompletion of work permit

I came back my home before one month of my completion period, is it any problem to come back there

Please provide further details and a clear message, it’s hard to understand what you are trying to convey here. Thanks

I assume from your rather incomplee post that you terminated your previous employment on WP and returned home. Now you want to work in Singapire again and ask if this is possible. Correct?
If so, yes it is possible - provided you properly terminated your previous employment (as per the rules and notice periods given in the contract, or a mutual agreement with the employer). If not, and especially if you just absconded without giving proper notice, MoM will know about it, the employer could have complained about you (and might have the legal right to claim damages) and this will certainly have a negative impact on any future work pass application. Don't do it again!

How many days it will take to approve s pass

Akileon wrote:

How many days it will take to approve s pass

Did you read our previous messages? Start reading our existing messages. Check one of our below message for your ref:

Is it possible to check the status of s pass. My agent told me its in pending more than 20 days. I asked him application number but he told me you not able to login it.

You are able to log into EPOnline with your application/FIN number as well as your passport number.
Not giving the application details is a common trick by dishonest agents (so you don‘t see that there isn‘t actually any application submitted).
Please note that only the employer can apply for your work pass. If your agent claims he did (and especially if he wants to charge you for it, which is bot allowed), then be very careful. Don‘t pay anything before you have a written contract in hand and confirmed the validity directly with your employer in Singapore!

I don't have fin/application number.

MoM gives the FIN/application number to your employer within a few days after your application was submitted. Ask your employer for it!

You can check using your passport number also. This way mostly first timers check their work pass status in EPOnline.

My agent told me u won't able to check ur status. He only able to check using his log in( sing pass ) is it true

Did you read previous threads? We have responded many times already that you can check status at EPOnline using your passport (for first time application) or FIN number (if earlier you have worked here).

It is typical of agents to be less than honest.
Yours probably wants to prevent you from seeing the actual status (and maybe that they didn't really apply?).

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