student visa rejection after applying to a new university..

hi there,
my name is Omar and i was a student in HELP university on my last year. due to visa complications and not obtaining 80% attendance. i was unable to renew my visa at HELP and my renewal was rejected by the immigration and wasn't able to appeal. HELP university suggested that i opt for a credit transfer and issue a new visa application after exiting the country. 
i have exited Malaysia and applied for credit transfer from HELP university to Taylor's university and they accepted me. however, i have been told that there is a possibility that my visa application might be

rejected by EMGS. in this case what are my options as i want to finish my degree in Malaysia??
and would EMGS reject my application even though its a new application to a different university?

The issue is your attendance so immigration (who approve student visas) may not accept you really intend to seriously study in Malaysia. If they reject the new application nothing to do but find a university outside Malaysia. If there were special circumstances that prevented your attendance such as I'll health  then show proof to Taylor's so they can include in the application

Hey Gravitas,

I was studying in Malaysia recently and I finished my foundation, after that I applied for visa renewal but unfortunately I had to return to my home country before I could complete the renewal process. Also, when I left I left only 1 or 2 days before my visa expired.

Now I decided to go back to further my studies so I applied for a new visa and I had to cancel the previous one before that. Now, im worried they might reject my application although my grades, attendance and medical check up are all fine.

What do you think ?

You don't have a Visa to cancel as you said it expired a couple of days after you left.

The university or college will be handling the application approval process so if your status is positive they should support the application to immigration.

However if there are any red flags then immigration would reject.

Hi. One of my friend having similar issues. Can i know what happen next? Did you get the VAL

If you are still keen to try perhaps I can help look into your case.

Hi can i know how you can help?

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