Buying a house in malki Varshets

Hi I have been looking on and off at buying in Bulgaria for over a decade now and decided to finally do something about it. Have seen a few online and have decided on one in malki Varshets that seems right. The village appears to be one that like many has seen huge numbers leave. Has anyone else bought here or nearby and also what are general views on this area. I intend to pay deposit in a few days time.

Hi, don't d you get any messages back about this? I am looking to buy in Gorna Lipnitsa. Have you tried Facebook expat groups? They are very helpful in giving on the ground advice about villages. I found that the best resource 🙂

Hi Sethy 75,
I've been away and only just seen your post.
I go through Malek Varshets quite often, there are a few expats around there, one actually in the village and some nearby. Always seems quite peaceful.
Have you bought yet?
Any questions give me a call, 13 years and counting so had most things to deal with.
Good luck,

Hi Ian, thanks for replying. I didn't end up buying there in the end. I did put down a deposit on a place on a more substantial in Byala reke and will be flying out in June to pick up the keys.

Hello, what are the BG Facebook groups re: relocating, buying etc?
Thanks for the info.

Hope it all goes to plan.
All the best,

Just search FB for BG buy/sell or property.

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