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Dear all,
I applied for ep on Feb 25 '19 and they had sent some query which was addressed by hr on March 18 but I m still not getting any update on this....really worried my notice period is about to get over in current organization...the situation is quite tensed ...pls give ur feedback what can be possible outcomes ...tia

As we have written many times before: You should NOT have resigned from your current job before the new EP is approved!
Processing of your EP application can take anywhere between a week and two months or more - and in the end it might be rejected. There is nothing you can do but wait.

Thx for ur reply actually the organisation in Singapore assured me that by March end ep will be approved and they needed me on urgent basis ...and according to them they have gone by the policies regarding salary, adevertisement in job portal etc..but this wait is getting tough for me ☹️

The organisations cannot give you a guarantee of approval (and when it will happen), that's simply not possible!

Agreed with Beppi. We have informed this information many times. You can reach out your employer to give a call to MoM to know it’s present status. This may trigger speedy process at MoM but there is no guarantee that it will be approved. For approval, there is a set of criteria to be followed before application gets approved or rejected. Good luck

Thanks...keeping my fingers crossed

Appreciate the constant advice about not resigning from current job until work pass is secure - however its often not as simple as that.

Take for example, someone who has a longer notice period (e.g. 2+ months). Most employers won't want to wait the time it takes for a work pass to be processed and then 2+ months for the notice period as well.

In the end, its down to each person's risk appetite and personal assessment of how likely it is they will secure a work pass.

True, it’s matter of negotiation. If the new employer wants an employee to join urgently then they should buy the notice period or see the best way to deal with but resigning without knowing whether your application will approve or not, will trigger massive risk.

There is no greater risk that this, when you have resigned from your existing employer and new employer work pass application was rejected.

Yes u r right I have taken risk don't know what future holds for me...when I check mom website it shows E0000236 but when the employer checks they say it's pending...really difficult situation..at least things should be clear let it be rejection then at least I can move on....

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