I have to move to KL in June.
I'm look for the place to live. Does anyone look for share house or condominium in KLCC same as me?
I don't know about Malaysia at all. Please tell me what should I prepare.

Hi Magical1225,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest that you drop an advert in the Housing in Kuala Lumpur section of the website so that you might get some offers.

Do you have any precise question about Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur which will help you in your move ?

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search on ibilik.my/  for room rental

Thank you!

Hi Magical 1225,

If you are moving to KL in June you may consider to book an AirBnB room or condo for  few days and then look around for a suitable condo.  There are many condos around depending on your location and  price.  Those around KLCC are much more expensive ranging from RM4000 upwards for a small 2 bedroom.  If you stay a little further away but close to an LRT station you may find bigger and cheaper units.

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Magical1225 :

Thank you!

Take a look at flat sharing at a condo called Seri Maya.

https://www.ibilik.my/rooms/seri_maya?l … etiawangsa

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