Looking for teaching positions

I am looking to immigrate to Bali in order to teach English any information would be welcome

You're supposed to be a native English speaker, but that isn't always set in stone. The same goes for the degree and experience rules.

AHH English teachers and Bali. Unless you have the right qualifications, experience and attitude then it's going to be hard and if you are not from one of the recognised countries where English is the first language even less likely, but it's up to you.

Take the risk and it's a big expensive one and fly out and try your luck or look at as many ESL job sites and see if you qualify and go from there.

There a lot of female Australian University students taking a break in Indonesia teaching English for low pay combining it with a holiday. Unless you have some Official English Teaching papers it is for a non native English speaker impossible. If you do have the papers then you might have position in an International Boarding School, which there might not be many in Bali.

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