Street scenes

I will post some scenes here over time that I caught while driving through Hungary.
(Well, hubby did the driving, I the snapping ;) )

Enjoy & add yours, pretty please :)

And old Lady collecting walnuts at the side of the road

Yesterday :)

Is there nobody else taking pictures on the streets of Hungary?!
I start feeling a bit lonely here :(

Here is a photo of people leaving church:

Nice snatch.
I love the various hair colours and colourful hats :D
The river running through Eger town centre taken from the bridge at the top of Dobo Ter
Wine cellars in Felnemet near Eger
The lost garden
Sirok Bike Week parade
Sirok Bike Week hillclimb
garden wc
old traditional round houses
grape harvest

Those are beautiful, PD!

Here's one I got yesterday.
I just loved the way she dressed up :)

I need to start carrying my camero more as we've missed a couple of fantastic photo opportunities in the last few days to capture locals. I also need to improve the quality of the images I post. They're much clearer on my pc.

I only upload small versions of my shots up here and the street scenes are mainly snaps out of the car.
Your shots are pretty clear to me :)

Some more people and street scenes :)

Ladies of a certain age are very fond of their shopping carts and woolly berets

Lovely shot!
Those carts are actually way cool. I almost got me one in Korea :D

I've seen some cool head covers today too :D

They love these here. And scarfs around the head. In Germany you only see them in the very tiny countryside villages :)

Btw. did you get your brown sugar?
I've seen some at Tesco today and thought of you :)

Hi Nicole
I have one- only use it to drag stuff to the beach in the Summer.  Ikea sell them now so they must be cool.  Yep I got sugar- in Budapest- and Black Treacle too- yum.

Glad you found the sugar :)
I'm just glad I figured out how to make my own bread and Broetchen now (with selfmade sour dough)

One more from our trip to Kaposvar on Friday.

Waiting for the mailman

Market day in Kaposvar

Ahhh. Nice to see that hoodies can be caring too.

That was a young hoodie. I'm sure he got very attached to the Pups...

Btw. if you still feel like a small meetup, I now have all the time in the world.
Drop me an email :)
Not exactly a street scene but if you look closely you can see the very young red deer I saw hiding in the undergrowth on Monday whilst out walking. I also saw 3 young fox cubs and the previous evening several young wild boar. I managed to get within 2 metres of all of them.

Cute :D
Maybe we need to start a new thread for nature scenes? :)

This house is for sale, btw :P

Kaposvar - market day

All houses seem to be for sale here- forever!  Like the brush seller.

Yepp. And even the ones without signs you can buy ;)

Bars are everywhere in Hungary. No matter how small the village, there’s at least one Bar. They are often ramshacks in private houses. It doesn’t matter as long as they serve beer, wine, Unicum and Palinka.
Ghost busters!!!!!  Hungarian style

Thanks for all the great photos :-)

Here is a link for an art show in Austria, July 24-26 in case any of you have time to visit :-)

It's in German:

art bodensee 08 - Austria
July 24 - 26, 2009

Good one :D!
I had the perfect sight yesterday, two Roma on a horse cart with green hay in the back on a path through fields. Postcard perfect, but I chickened out ;)

Bodensee is too far from here for me :(
Too bad.


I got some nice ones on a festival last Saturday:

By clicking on the pics you get to the individual blog posts.

More to come (I still have 200 pics to go through) :)

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