What happens when an employer withdraws offer after EP approval


I got a new offer and my EP is approved. But now my new employer says not resign from current employement because there is some organisation change happening and they will let me know.

Can they withdraw offer at this stage ? If yes what are the consequences

I am suppose to join in mid may.

Thanks in advance

The rules and notice periods for terminating your employment are stated in your contract with the company. They have to abice by them, otherwise they have to pay you damages (for which you might have to sue).
But if they can and do terminate before you start work there, your have no job and the EP is cancelled.

Thanks for your reply. I have checked my contract there is no clause if I/ company withdraws before starting work.
Is there any rule imposed by MOM for this situation ?

There is no rule by MoM or the law.
Any employment contract I have ever seen had a pragraph about termination. Are you sure yours doesn't???
If so, that means you can never leave that job again!

Double check, last part of the offer letter must have mentioned about termination clauses which include compliance breaches.

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