Finding Dubai really lonely, looking for people to talk to


I have been living in Dubai for a few years but decided to take a break and travel for a few months as all of my friends had married and moved back to their home countries...

Now that I'm back, I'm finding things really tough. I have no friends here and no one to call, speak to or hang out with. Sorry for sounding tragic...

Just broke up with my partner and she has moved home to Chicago, so dealing with this with no outlet for talking to anyone or for any social interaction is kind of getting me down. I'm at the stage now where after 5 years, i'm genuinely considering leaving Dubai and resettling somewhere else.

As great as Dubai is, with no friends, partner or social groups; it is the hardest place in the world to live.

Hoping that someone reads this and can give me some advice on how to move on and meet new people, or has been in a similar situation and is willing to talk about it and advise on how to make things better.

sorry for the depressing post, I've tried everything and talking online is the only other option which I can think of.

Cheers in advance,

I suggest joining a small Christian Church community. I think emotional and spiritual support is what you need at the moment

U can try outdoor activities to keep yourself busy when not at work.  Or maybe it's the perfect time for you to check hobbies that may interest you.  Being happy is  choice. Our happiness does not depend on someone.


yes dear no problem you can consider me as a friend and talk with me

Hi, I hope you are feeling better now?
I suggest you meet people trough social sites like Meetup, Internations etc.


I hear you. What are things you like to do: sports? movies? clubbing? Maybe we could hangout. Dont be alone.

go to gym cheers

You can also try a dancing class.

you can go jogging also, or walking, go outside and see the beauty outside. cheers

I hear you. This place does that.
Find something you like doing and start off small.
Meetups is a good place to start. Usually group sports are a good way to break in.
Maybe ask a few friends from work to hang out afterwards?
Gym? Maybe join an educational course in your field.

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