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Hello everybody, I. Live in Russia and I'm waiting  now invitation and guarantee from my girlfriend on norway for apply privet visa to visit her first time.. I'm worry that i will not get visa....and please if i get there by this privet visa can I marry there with my girlfriend even its first meeting? If we get married can I stay there... Or i must comeback home necessary? Thank everybody

Hi youneska. Yes you can get married in norway even if its your first time to visit. Just bring apostill stamped proof of singleness and birth certificate.

Thank you very much for answer))

Youre welcome.. if you have questions you can message me.. i got married in norway last year using visit visa.. and after marriage you can go to the nearest police station and ask if you can stay my husband is an eu national so i can apply for family visa and stay while applying but i need to go home for my son. I dont know about norwegian partner if you can. Just ask the police there.

Important informations thank you very much... And what type of visa you apply for first time

Mariawes :

Hi youneska. Yes you can get married in norway even if its your first time to visit. Just bring apostill stamped proof of singleness and birth certificate.

Do the apostilled documents need to get professionally translated before they can be used in Noway?

Note that even if you get married to your gf and wishes to apply for family unification visa based on being a spouse of your gf, they will prefer that the two of you actually stay together for TWO years and you must be more than 24 years old.

Marriage in a haste in order to obtain residency is not a good idea!!!  You might not like the life in Norway or your gf after staying with her for a while.  You must understand that people tend to behave differently in their home country and outside their home country.  The weather, culture and habits in Norway may not be agreeable to everyone.

Please what type of visa I should apply its first time i will meet my gf and first time i will visit Norway?

Are you Russian?  Check here if you are … types.html

It was visit visa.. and you can see requirements needed to be able to stay in noreay with your wife to be.. since she is norwegian you need to be 24 yrs old and above.. check the link above sent to you..

Mine was just in english.  No need to translate.

hello, this Nina.. i am from philippines and i am currently in norway.  me and my partner are planning to get married anytime soon when we get our certificate from the skateetaten.. and same with you , i am also on a visit visa,  would like to ask if really its possible to asked the nearest police that we could stay while waiting for the family reunification visa result?  did they allowed u to stay  and how long did u wait until u get the result? were you able to get your son now? and if u did how long did it take?    pls let me know coz my partner also want me to get my daughter in the philippines. thank you and Good day 😊😊😊

Hi nina. Yes i can because my husband is not norwegian. He is dutch. Theres different requirement between norwegian and eu national. For norwegian they have to consider your age should be 24yrs old and above, the income required target also. But you can ask the police because my russian friend is married to norwegian and shw wasnt sent home. She stayed while applying. Im currently here in the phils for my son. My husband will file foe family reunification for us and im still waiting for my marriage to be registered at the phil embassy. So many pao
Paper works.

thank you for the reply..  bdw where are u from in the philippines... im from cebu

Hi nina.... MARIAWES is right because my gf yestrday read about that and she told me when we get act in Norway I don't need to comeback
.. Thank you Maria you are here always for answer... And i like that we share informations here and i will let you to know all my steps

thank you so much guys.. its really a great information... and will also let you know the update of our application for marriage...

Hi youneska i have a russian friend married to a norwegian she said she didnt go back to russia after marriage instead she applied for reunification and studied norwegian course .. there is always a way..and youre welcome.. hi nina im from davao. Im here waiting for the registration of my marriage and doing papers for my son. I hope all of us can make it and soon will be with our loved ones. GOD Speed..😘

Maria thank you very much and I wish you good luck.... 🤗

hello mariwes... i wish you the same and also see u soon.. i really hope i can also process family reunification after our marriage and stay here in norway while waiting.. can i reconnect with your russian friend is she permits me.. i really wud like to asked her the process.. tusen takk.💓

Hi nina.. shes not a member here. She is the wife of the boss of my husband. She talked about how they do the paperworks and what visa and aftwr marriage what they did.

Hi Maria.... Please if you can know this information from your russian friend ... Because when I was looking where I found i must apply in VFS.GLOBAL and not embassy. Thank you

Maria please if you can know about documents for marriage in Norway... I know I need divorce document and birthday document translated... But what stamps has please do I need to make stamps in Norway embassy in Moscow  in this document?

Hi.. you need apostilled birth certificate and the divorce paper also should be apostilled both from your country. And yes embassy can do that. But its better to have it ready when youre in norway if you want to get married on time.

Yes vfs global. You apply there.

Maria thank you very much you are here always to to answer and give help 🙏🙏🙏🤗 now my girlfriend start making guarantee.....and invitation and we are worry about period what to put... We want to ask 3 months or two months but we are worry that they will refuse my visa because its first time i wi go there... What you advice please she will send me invitation its just like letter and guarantee.. For visit her for first meeting... What period we should ask... And we have plan to marry.
Thank you very much

Hi sorry for late reply.. you can do it 3 mos nothing yo worry about that. My first time in norway was 3 mos too..

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