Interested in visiting, David, Boquete Panama

My husband and I are looking at places we may want to retire.  David is especially appealing given it's amenities as well as affordability.  Can any expats currently residing there share their overall experience?  We would specifically like information regarding  rental communities, ease of transition
and places to stay during our initial visit.

We moved to David Oct 2012 and it’s worked out wonderfully for us. It’s a busy working city, not a tourist attraction and there isn’t much of an expat community (not that I’ve looked so there might be more than I know).

The main comment is “It’s hot!” But coming from Florida it’s perfect for us. Living is affordable, IMO, and there are options from modest housing to very fancy. There is shopping, health care, everything you need for daily living.

I found the transition surprisingly easy except for the language. My Spanish wasn’t the greatest when I arrived. But, the people are super friendly, patient, kind, helpful, and have made living here a joy.

There are numerous hotels here and some hostels for a short term stay. We stayed at Bambú hostel and Chambres en Ville and enjoyed both very much.

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I agree with Kris, David can be an excellent location.

There are many other locations across Panama to consider but to be honest know one is going to be able to tell you what YOU will like best because each individual has their own personalities and interests. Some like the city life and convenience of modern life in Panama City and hanging out in AC in the malls. Some like the quiet and cool of the mountains. Some like the beach life. The good thing is that you don't have to go too far to get to any of these places.

I have found that for many, taking a few vacations to Panama first before you move helps to ease the transition. You may even consider to take a short vacation to start of maybe two weeks and then next time try a month. Try to plan your vacation to stay in different areas, this will give you a very basic idea of what life might be like there.

If you do decide to retire to Panama and you need a good honest company to help with a pension or retirement visa please feel free to contact me anytime. I am happy to help.

la chorrerra to me is a better choice ,, an hour from the city and airports but So diverse as to accommodations .. all the shopping is here , banks hospitals .clinics etc, an hour to the beaches in coronado or less ans 30 minutes to the beach at veracruse that is a hoot on the weekends ,, living can be just as cheap here and not near as hot ,, check it out before you commit to any other location

I live in Boquete, just a 25 minute drive from David.  I go there often, and enjoy the city.  For me, I like the cooler climate of the mountains, but for those of you that like the heat, David is great, and only 10 minutes to the beach.

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