Socializing in international schols


I think about living half a year in Mauritius with my teenager children, who should visit an international English speaking school like Northfields International High School.

The children speak English and I read that it is hard to socialize for the them if they do not speak Creole - even in international schools. Is this true? Your advice would be much appreciated.

Creole is the lingua-franca of Mauritius and not knowing it can obviously lead to some communication and socializing issues depending where you are.

However, international schools receive mostly expat children most of whom do not speak a single word of Creole. Therefore, not knowing Creole won't affect your child studies and social life at school.

Outside of school if you will be staying here long term - Yes, it can.

How can we learn Creole? Are there any online resources? Is it at all similar to French? I.e. if we learn French, will it be easier to pick up Creole?

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