MAPLE SYRUP & BLUEBERRIES - What foods do you most miss?

Texanbrazil :
robal :

I brought my Texas plates with me to Brazil, but a friend in Pomerode, SC confiscated the thing for his living room decoration. I lived in Texas for a few years because of military obligations...


I get a lot of comment in my Texas flag... S.A. ?
They are getting hit hard
Have not heard from my side kicks in S.A. Hope they are ok.

When I retired from the military I was given a US flag. I brought them with me to Brazil including my medals earned/ribbons and my boots including an insignia from special forces. 22 years of military service 3 conflicts overseas with several tours each. They were all given to friends here now decorating my jackets that they also sequestered. :D

robal :

You met Tex already?

Yep.  Good times in lovely Foz!  And electronics from CdE. :top:

Well thank you for your service. After 2 tours in SE Asia, I was assigned to Quantico and with 6 months left, sent on a Met cruise. Did not adjust well when a flare up in ME and automatic extension and 90 % had not been in harms way, so I did not re-up.
Flight jacket in storage with ribbons and medals framed. Think those and $R5 will get me coffee?
Yep. abthree came to Foz and even went to Paraguay. They are just as knowledgeable on PY as I. I had the hairs on my neck warning me and I can not relax over there.

Texanbrazil :

Yep. abthree came to Foz and even went to Paraguay. They are just as knowledgeable on PY as I. I had the hairs on my neck warning me and I can not relax over there.

Not nearly - and what we know, we learned from you!  Good time, we'll have to do it again once this craziness is behind us, maybe up this way.

I am very glad you two came. At least you got to see all 272 falls. Now there are about 4. You two explored all and held up well. My first trip wore me out.
But it solidified me moving here .
Now having a large family, which some work for the government. (miss those trips to airport immigrations. and seeing Brasilia.) I to worked in Brazil for many years and travel through out.

Great story Tex. I´m green with envy! Take care!

:cool: Love this...

I will definitely check out the health and fitness stores as I do train daily and peanut butter is not only great for after my workouts but also turns me into an eternal 5 year old when it sticks to the roof of my mouth lol.

Also, thank you so much for the info about the syrup.  I had brought a tiny waffle maker here with me but no syrup.  My fault for sure. 

Thank you again for the info. 

Stay safe and stay healthy.  Hugs...from a distance.

Sure thing!  Hunting down favorite foods is a major expat pastime in Brazil.  It's a treasure hunt that never ends.

There's also peanut butter and maple syrup at Pão de Açucar and Oba Hortifruit stores.

Empório Santa Maria also has a wide selection of specialty goods.

Good luck!

The better half goes (used to go) to PY. It imports anything. She found "Skippy" and "Jiff" PB. (brought 6 jars back. Heck I cannot eat 6 jars in a year!) She finds many things I can not find here, Many sauces.
What I found was a charcoal plant. Pretty good for churrasco. Also had good assortment of wood.


Can your wife remember the name of the store where she bought those PB items?
I have a plan to go to Ciudad del Este to shop for ammo (cheaper and more options) and also buy a Glock 20 like what I carry (CCW holder) when home. I´m looking at laws and taxes that governs the importation if that´s even possible. I don´t know if gun stores in Foz would be easier with that caliber than crossing the bridge. Any suggestion/ideas?

Sorry. Out of topic...


No problem... only 1 gun store in Foz.
I will check with wife.  Has to be near Shopping China which she always shop.
Difficult to ship fire arms. Being from TX and had permit, I check one time (many years ago)  as to bring one or 2 in. PF and RF said yes, but would be held until I got permits and checked out. PF said many do not get approved and they are held somewhere. So I sold all guns.
Funny you mention it. Wife and I were discussing it a couple nights ago and she said she could buy here and have in house.
Would love to have my Glock, pee wee browning and Browning BAR 338 semi auto. Nobody hunts here.
Just have the 10" bowie and couple skinning knives
Get back with you.

I´m checking laws and technicalities if I can carry the pistol and ammo and present it to Policia Federal and alfandega to pay the taxes since the caliber is allowed in Brazil.
The choice of ammo is better at CdE.


Rumor is opening PY. Next trip will stop at PF /RF at the border. What caliber?

Texanbrazil :

Rumor is opening PY. Next trip will stop at PF /RF at the border. What caliber?

I want to buy Glock 20 chambered for 10 mm and its ammo and also ammo for my 9mm and slugs
ammo for my 12 gauge...

Man that 338 you have is really good for hunting. A Win Mag like that with a Leopold scope or Millett Tactical (4-16x) is great and formidable even for home defense (if you don´t have neighbors) because of extreme power and penetration.

That's the one w/ muzzle brake 338 . When I shot everyone at range stopped and everyone at the ranch knew it was me. Initial hunt with it I hit the deer and the corn feeder behind it. That cost me more for timer on the feeder. :dumbom:

Love it! I love to hunt myself when I go home. I use .300 Win Mag.


It is shopping china inside the Paris Shopping Center. Newer and nice shopping mall. Has many shops inside. Also the gun shop here closed. There are only knife shops.
I may go to the border. The PF and RF are specialists on arms there. So much drugs and smuggling along the border.
Had a 300 win mag at the ranch. One guest liked it and I sold to him. Was headed to do elk hunting and few months after so stepped it up. Never got to go elk hunting and only shot 6 clips through it.  That muzzle break was great. but loud.
I made sure I had the blind with and big ridge behind it when I used the BAR.

I live in the interior of Paraiba and when I'm looking for better options I go to Recife (I know, São Paulo would be better) to the Rua da Praia where there are a number of shops that have products impossible to find in my neck of the woods. I find things like Toasted Sesame Oil in large bottles at reasonable prices. I find all kinds of spices and grains/nuts and the like in bulk. There are Asian condiments and things like Tahini. It isn't the selection I would hope for but it beats what my city's markets have. I also check out a grocery store called RMExpress (the one in Madalena) which has some diversity. Casa dos Frios in Graças has a lot of imported items and also has a wide selection of wines. Finally, while also on Rua da Praia there is another Empório Pura Vida in the Poço da Panela neighborhood.

If anybody has further good references for Recife I'd like to see them please, especially Asian.

I've mostly given up on Mexican goods (heck, they servive Doritos as chips in these parts).

PB is easy. I just make it because what you pay for a tiny jar of sugary crud you can but 5kg of peanuts at most real market places. I just bag up quantities that are needed to make a jar and throw them into the freezer until needed.

If anybody also has any good online providers (Asian, Mexican, whatever) located here in Brazil (hate paying importation fees) please do list them.

On wine you can't beat Evino for diversity and price on some interesting products. What I pay locally is much higher than when I buy 10-20 wines through (including the shipping).

Maple syrup? That what visiting friends are for. They all know they need to bring maple syrup when they come. BUT if I fall short I just use Uruçu honey which is just delicious on pancakes.

I've actually had limited luck getting mason jars brought be friends but these are cumbersome. I hate the Brazilian jars available here and would love to get a handle on Kerr or Ball jars (especially quarts and 1/2 quart) because I've found that the best way to enjoy food here is simply making it and preserving it (like I used to do in Wisconsin).

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