MAPLE SYRUP & BLUEBERRIES - What foods do you most miss?

If anyone living in Greater São Paulo knows of a supermarket that sells maple syrup or blueberries (mirtilo in Portuguese)would you please pass the information along to me. They are really about the only two things I really miss. I cook as a hobby and I would certainly love to make a real "honest to God" blueberry pie or muffins and pancakes are just not the same without the maple syrup.

For my other cooking needs I have been lucky enough to find places that sell things like peanut butter, Tahini for Greek dishes, Feta cheese, etc. How about you expat cooks out there? What foods do you most miss? Maybe we can share information on the different food items and where they are available.

Good news and bad news folks... I found the website of a specialty foods market that sells hundreds of things we Gringos love to eat - blueberries and maple syrup among them. Check it out, but be warned if you take any kind of heart medication you may want to take a pass on this one, the prices are astronomical. Looks like I won't be making a blueberry pie anytime soon. LOL


Good news for you! I just found and bought some yesterday. I haven't opened it yet, I think I am going to build a shrine around it and worship it for a week or two. haha It is supposed to real maple and it is from Canada. Here is the small issue, sit down for this one... it was a little over $33R. It is in Liberdade neighborhood. The syrup was at a store named Sho Chiku Bai at Rua Galvao Bueno 48, close to the Metro station. In that store or ones near them, you will also find fresh blueberries, cheap mushrooms and other great stuff. I even found Skippy peanut butter there, and I have found marshmallow cream at the grocery store... now all we need is some "Wonder Bread" for a true east coast "fluffer- nutter". haha

One of the things I haven't found yet, though, is corn tortillas. I wonder if anybody knows where to get some?

Hi there,

I've just seen blueberries for sale on Pao de Acucar supermaket this week ( and they hape maple syrup as well (yes, it is pricey...).

For nachos, tortillas, there is this place: (the website is in portuguese, maybe you need to use google translator)

Hope it helps.


Hi Flavia and welcome to!:)

Thanks for the tips.


I like to buy blueberries at Casa Santa Luzia (+- R$ 13,00/package - frozen) fresh blueberries are more expensive.

* Alameda Lorena, 1471 - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo *

I love this supermarket, it is a little expensive but they have a great selection of imported items.

Hi Julyanna,

Thanks for your reply. I too have recently discovered Casa Santa Luzia in Consolação... it is an incredible place. I have never seen so many high-end imported foods in one place in my life. I am going to watch myself carefully while I'm there so as not to shoot my budget all to H _ _ _. For sure, if you can't find it at Casa Santa Luzia it either is not available in Brazil or you just don't need it in the first place. LOL Compared to local supermarkets and national products the imported foods are expensive by Brazilian standards, yes. But, when you convert the shelf price to the currency of the product's country of origin, the prices are really not all that bad, I don't see the mark-up as being excessive.


If i move to pakistan i woud miss going to my local chip shop. A mug of proper tea, and shouting to my daughter to turn the music down !!:mad:. Also getting a hug from her.
Would miss making scones, choc chip cookies, lentil soup and my tuna pasta bake.

is funny this. Im a brazilian living in USA since 2006 and I miss so much brazilian food....coxinha, pao de queijo, pastel even the pizza there is better with catupiry crust...I still cant stand peanut butter jelly sanduiches and pancakes for breakfast lol For brazilians pancakes are made with groud beef haha

Hi babibarbie,

I know exactly what you mean. The very first time I experienced Brazilian food in Canada I was addicted... especially to pão de queijo and to feijoada. That is one of the reasons that I came here to live. After living here for over ten years now I am sure that I could never go back to Canada, I would just miss good Brazilian food tooooooooooooo much!

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

I respect all opinios and taste but to miss pancakes and peanut butter in Brazil is crazy lol I miss a lot pastel de feira and the pizza there...not counting the bbq places, esfihas... Brazil food is great, once you taste it cant come back to american food lol

My husband is american and he never had try rice and beans before marry me! Now he makes me cook for him almost everyday it, is his favorite food lol


I just thought of something else i would miss...a jam piece. :top:

Another tip: if you are an aerican living in Brazil and miss blueberries (I personally dont like blueberry) you should try "Jabuticaba". … 25x466.jpg

I miss jabuticaba so much, cant find anywhere in US...a little bit more about the yummy fruit

Hi babibarbie,

It's all a matter of one's culture.

As much as pastel, feijão and arroz make up part of the Brazilian culture, as do other regional dishes like moqueca de peixe, acarajé, vatapã, etc.,  Things like pancakes, maple syrup, peanut butter, grape jelly, etc., make up part of the North American culture as well.

I certainly agree that if I ever did go back to Canada I would certainly miss things like Feijoada, Moqueca, Pão de Queijo and Churrasco very very much. That does not stop me, however, from missing some of the foods from my home country that I have enjoyed since childhood.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog


I agree 100% with you. I dont like peanut butter and jelly but I feed my kids with it lol Its just the culture and I respect it.

P.S: Im so jealous you are in Brazil now lol Im craving for coxinhas lol

Have a great day

Frango com Catupiri????  I'll send you some by SEDEX if you want!  kkkkkkkkkkk

By the way, do you live in Miami/Dade or somewhere else in FLA?

Thanks the mexicans we can find pastel dough at groceries! Btw i made pastel today lol is not a feira pastel but....quebra o galho lol

We are living in Orlando! Very hot an sunny here right now

Thanks God here we have a brazilian grocery and bakery.  I can find catupiry and eat coxinhas but the prices are terrible! One catupiry small is about 8 dollars! Urgh

just thought of something else i would miss

mince and tatties :top:

stovies :top:

haggis neeps and tatties :top:

I miss dill pickles!!! I bring maple syrup flavoring from the spice section of the grocery store and mix with sugar syrup.

When in Brazil I miss Mexican food (my home salsa is horrible, I'm a taker for any recipe if someone has a good one!), Indian food and I miss vegetables, in general. We eat a lot more vegetables in Canada than in Brazil.

At least the good fruits, good meat and good sushi make up for it, and also next time I move to Brazil I will be cooking myself, so I can cook a ton of vegetables and salads!!

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