Invitation letter

I haven't get any update with my invitation letter from the immigration yet.
It has been 3 weeks already since I went to the immigration to ask for the invitation letter.
Is it normal that I have to wait too long ?
I went there since 11/03/2019, Now is 30/03/2019 already.
How long the process should be to get the invitation letter ?
Can anyone help me with this issue ?

Best regards

No idea how long it takes but they are SLOW. with paperwork here in Hungary.
3 weeks isn't that long really, try waiting 6 months like I did to hear back from immigration about my status.

Have you tried calling them?

Oh. Last time I get the invitation just in 6 days but this time is very long. I really would like to know what happen .....

I tried to call them on Friday but they just let me wait on hold and then end up the call. Many time. I feel so sad about it now because I need to use invitation on Wednesday. only 2 days left.

2 days left, I hope by Monday you get an answer.
I wasn't trying to be flip about my 6 month wait, it happened .
Invitation letter, I don't know about though.
Hard to call and get an answer from anyone straight away.
It is upsetting.
In the US my son's Japanese wife of over 6 years applied for US citizenship about 9 months back, should of been done with in 6 months time.
My son paid over $900. for her citizenship paperwork and he did all the forms himself.
I went online a few times to check on her status, all was good they said just in the process...
Tried to ring them up but forget it, they make it very hard to call them and get a person on the other end.
Took so long that they lost their money and moved to Japan last month.
Decided to move there as life is easier for them over there and her family is there.
My son went in to immigration in Japan for his green card, 3 days later he went in to pick it up! Unreal how fast and easy it was there.
He has his work permit and is a resident in Japan just like that with proof of his marriage.
Unheard of in the US or Hungary to get anything done that fast.
He already has his national health insurance there and has already been to the dentist twice!
I wish I could move there as well!!
Guess that's the difference between the eastern mind set and the western, we complicate everything way too much in the west.
Think it's all about the money, western people are too material minded.

Thank you so much for the information. I really hope that I could get it on time.

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