South African marriage

I am USA citizen trying to marry in South Africa to a SA this August. I will be in SA for 2 weeks and worried we can’t get married. Can he make the marriage interview apt before I arrive? He lives in Benoni, we like to marry in Durban. I am seeking advice how we can plan this. What is the interview, what questions are asked, will we be separated during interview? After the interview do we get married right there at Home Affairs? How do we arrange an off site marriage officer? Will the marriage be considered legal in USA too or must I register it  and if so how? Ugh, so many questions. We both have passports, he is working on getting his divorce decree and I just found out how to get my letter of single status in USA. Any advice for us? Please help, we really want this to happen.

I know of people who married in SA and later wanted a divorce.  Hate to bring up the subject but obtaining a divorce in a SA marriage has many hoops both must go through.  My advice is to get married in the USA. Then when you move to SA, file your marriage through Home Affairs (takes a month or less) and everything will be simpler.  Also in SA, there is a "cncept" of joint ownership, but, for example, your automobile will be registered under your wife's name, not yours. Until you obtain a PR/  Tax Wise a married couple file as individuals, not joint 1040 as in the USA. You still must file US Taxes and I believe so will your wife, even though she may not have a Green-Card.  Best seek legal advice before making any plans. There are many.  The one I used was InterGate.

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