German expats

Hi everyone!

I’m a Tech girl living in Mumbai currently. I’ve visited several countries for work and leisure.

I’m interested in career opportunities in Germany and Singapore.

Would be very happy if you can help.

I’m also interested in connecting with Expats  in Mumbai, so drop me a message!


Hi Niki,

Nice to see your posting in, and would like to connect with you.

I am also in Mumbai, been in US for quite long time, where are you stationed right now?  Please feel free to contact me on ***


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Hello Niki,

I have a fair amount of knowledge of Germany, as I spent 10 years working for German companies when I was in London (I am now in Mumbai!).

I think that the best way to move the Germany would be to get a job at a German company, and then look to get a transfer. The biggest German companies are the manufacturers and automakers (Bosch, Porsche, Audi etc.).

Also, it would help a lot if you knew English AND German.

I would be happy to provide more information if you have specific queries - I am not sure how the private messaging system works here!


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