What is good Salary in Seychelles

Hello, everybody.
We are interested in moving to Seychelles from US. We live in country area of North Carolina, so we are interested how it may compare to Seychelles. In terms of friendliness of people :-)
The next set of questions is about living conditions. First, medicine. What is the level of medicine? We have small children, so pediatric care is important for us. As well as general care, especially emergency (just in case). Next, education. Do you have any advices? What is the program of study in elementary and middle school?
As the previous post was talking about the salaries of educators, do you have any idea about the salaries of professors (higher education)?
Thank you very much.

Medicine is not that advanced in Seychelles.

Thank you, nashlanka.
But it does exist :-) ?
What is so bad? Accessibility? Quality? Waiting for care? Finances/costs? Location?
Thank you very much.

Hi Mburugu, i would like to know which site you use to get your job or when you change your job company what steps do u take? am also in Seychelles but need to change my employer.


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Hi Billmburu... i am a Kenyan too here, planning to come over to Seychelles and search for a job. i have tried websites but they seem to be fruitless, hence thought of coming over and search from there. problem is that i know no one, and how one goes about to secure a place to stay so as to proceed in serching for a job. i have been made to understand that there are jobs there. my field is in hospitality and security to be precise. how can you help and some advice too please. Thanks in advance and hoping to hear from you soon. Allan.

How are you my freind
Are you still in syechelle?
My name is mohammed elleithy from egypt
And i will come and search awork
In showrooms or market
As a assistant manager or casher team leader
I want to ask about salaru

Hi my freind i will come also to seychell and i want to know about you
You went to seychelle?
You find work for easy?
Where you stay?
Mohamed eleithy from egypt

Hi Joy,

You may need to try the Employment Agencies as well. Companies usually engages Kenyan Employment Agencies for Expats.

Kind Regards

Tazvida from Zimbabwe


Question1 :-
For Govt. Polytechnic Lecturers / Govt. School Teachers, what would be the salary in SCR ?

Question2 :-
Is there any issue or restriction  in converting SCR to US$ to sending my savings to home land (India)?

Please help on the above questions.

Hello everyone,

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Hi Tazvida, 
Sorry i was offline for some time.

Thank you for your highlights i highly appreciate.  So far the agency i know is the one opposite Independence house (sorry i can't remember the name)  but i bet they don't engage expats.  Do you know some of which i could try and how do i go about it?  Thanks

Hi, what is a good salary for a chef job in sychelles.

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