MTEP visa

Hi guys, I'm looking to apply for my MTEP starting entrepreneur visa, does anyone have any experience with that?

Or something those with MM2H experience might know, where do you get your documents translated, like proof of good behavior?

I think there is another discussion on this forum about MTEP. It explains the narrow scope of business type that are relevant and get approved. It may even have been suspended like the Talentcorp visa.

Thanks for the reply Gravitas, do you have a link to that topic? I didn't find it with a search.

Yes I imagine anything is in the air politically right now. I did email with MDEC two weeks ago and they didn't mention anything like that (but then why would they).

MDEC and MTEP are different processes.

Did you get to apply for the MTEP visa? I also would like to know more about applying this.
Thank you in advance

I didn't proceed with the application, so can't say.
They kept asking to write a better business plan, so I gave up.

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