There is a drought in the Dominican Republic which is said to be the worst for 30 years.

We should all be aware and do our small part in conserving water.

Water flows are being restricted to many communities yet there is an absence of an effective government campaign to encourage less water use. Not surprising because they have failed in providing adequate water infrastucture throughout the country!

Even the recent rains will not solve the large defecit of stored water sources.

If  this were the case in our home countries, there would be hose pipe and sprinkler bans and many other such measures. But in a country where the use of water per person is higher than in many other countries, car washes are operating normally and one's neighbors are daily washing down their courtyards with an apparent absence of care for the greater community.

You are so correct.  I had to  stop my employees from wasting water.  Their response -  well we have water, whats the problem???

Everyone needs to do their part.  In Santo Domingo they have shut down the water wasting car washes!  But that is all.  Nothing more.

In many neighborhoods they are not getting water every day. In some areas this is normal but now it is worse!  A friend lives in Gazcue and they are only getting water once a week!   Yikes.

I have not heard about this...is it all over the Caribbean or specific to certain islands?

There is an extensive article on the national drought in www.laromanabayahibenews.com

It is worse in the north of the country but very dry down here in La Romana. We have been seeing more rain over the  past week than we have all winter...

Kat I am pretty  sure this is a widespread problem on the islands.    It is a huge problem here with agriculture! 

Yes some areas of the country are more effected than others. In  many areas rivers have dried up!

Kat11 :

I have not heard about this...is it all over the Caribbean or specific to certain islands?

It is very dry on other islands I have visited this year.

Punta Cana may not see the worst of this. I suspect they also get desalinated water there.

It is about 3 days a week supply to many parts of Santo Domingo and you don't notice it because many apartment blocks have storage tanks. But when they dry up and you can't shower or flush the toilet it isn't nice.

I lived in the campo before and the daily supply there was a couple for hours in the morning at best. We had large water tanks on the roof but most people settle for a barrel or two in the shower or toilet. I have a large plastic waste bin full in the second bathroom at all times these days in my SD apartment.

What about the hotels and gated communities with HOA fees. Will they get regular water?

I'm guessing that most of the Punta Cana resorts and resort communities get RO water (or maybe use well water). There aren't that many dams or rivers in the east of the country.

In which case your water would be secure but you pay a higher price.

Ask your resort maintenance manager.

Casa de Campo has a dam across the Chavon River and is out of control with water use in this 7000 acre compound...

Most resorts will be prioritized for water. Gated communities maybe. HOA fees will mean nothing if there is no availability!  Then they start buying truckloads of water IF it is available.

Wells are starting to run dry too apparently Lennox.

I've just been reading that the drought is affecting most of the Caribbean including the Greater Antilles (us) and is expected to continue for the next two months.

Here is one such article;

https://www.stlucianewsonline.com/carib … xt-months/

I believe we are now beginning to see an urgent reaction to the drought which could be with us for some time to come.

Apparently the main aqueducts to the capital are running at 30% capacity. I understand the problem is acute in Santiago too and the north of the country with severe effect in the north west and south west.

Today my local community leaders have called for a public meeting of all area residents. Hopefully this will help stop the waste of water I keep seeing daily.

Here is a relevant  news story being posted on a popular DR paper now.

https://www.diariolibre.com/actualidad/ … JH12409734

Maybe go buy a few plastic bins to keep supplies in case of strict rationing for washing, showering and flushing loos.

Kat11 :

What about the hotels and gated communities with HOA fees. Will they get regular water?

An article in Dairio Libre this week indicated that the water for Punta Cana was being obtained from wells - 140 0f them apparently - but because of the rate of extraction sea water was being drawn into the well water and making it more brackish.....

https://www.diariolibre.com/actualidad/ … FC13224562

Water supply is defintely a problem in DR.

Apparently the reservoirs and water sources serving Santo Domingo still are low despite recent rains.

I can't imagine they are still low near Santo Domingo with all the rain we have had this week.

https://hoy.com.do/escasez-agua-potable … o-domingo/

Still a large deficit affecting many parts of the capital with water supply cuts. It will take some months and plenty of tropical waves passing to correct.

I know that there are still significant daily water supply cuts north of the capital too.

I was aware about outside the capital, will check the link, thanks.

You do great research and always find good links.  Thank you from all of us!

Good article.

A major issue here is the wasting of water.  Things done in the infrastructure and by people.  Old and badly maintained pipe systems are losing way too much water.

There is no education here about wasting resources.  Friday in the pouring rain I watched a neighbor hosing down their driveway and sidewalk!

I saw a new pipeline being installed in Juan Dolio on its way to the city of Santo Domingo.

I did too and it is being laid from San Pedro de Marcoris to the city alongside the autopista, but is it water in welded steel pipe?

I remember the dought in 2015...then for the next two years there was record flooding...I thought A: you need to prepare for everything! And, B: Why don't they start installing gutters everywhere and rain capture systems...so when the drought comes... because it will...we are all a bit more prepared...we remembered the drought and build a large cistern and soon we will add gutters...and I'm glad we did...

Most can't afford to install this honey. And once installed you have to maintain it.

Sadly capturing and holding water and not doing it properly leads to mosquitoes.  That is the current issue.

Most of the smaller properties built here have either flat concrete or zinc sheet roofing. The latter is the more economic form and gutters are not viable financially.
With concrete flat roofing invariably a single block is laid at the roof perimeter to form a parapet and the water is discharged through pipework spouts and many in the campo collect raimwater from these spouts in the large black plastic water tanks. It is a Dominican solution.

The real problem is that there is no good planning regulation that insists on a cistern being part of the plans for the larger buildings and villas as is the case in the islands.

Government seems inept at providing the basic services of water and electricity through infrastructure and legislation year in year out.

Now the water storage is not enough in drought times and the subterranean aquifers are getting contaminated.

Defecit of water supply for Santo Domingo is getting worse due to continued shortage of rains:

https://www.diariolibre.com/actualidad/ … GE13351869

But where are the conservation measures? Car washes still operating normally.

That is a huge issue, no education on conserving water.  People see rain and think its over, no problem.  And they think the water continues forever.  I just had a meeting with my staff to  update them on the situation. Use the water responsibly!

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