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Greetings everyone,

Currently living in Australia and planning to move to Peru (this year). Searching for accommodation, (single person). Sincerely appreciate any feedback that would provide any information regarding the matter. Thank you all in advance.

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Dear Visionario,

Are you moving to Lima, the capital and largest city?

If so, check the many listings for the Expat-favored Miraflores sector at ...

I stayed in an AirBnB place in Miraflores near Kennedy Park last year that offered a 25 percent discount off the daily rate for 30-day-plus rentals.


Don't you smoke?... I'm allergic.
Come home. I live in a three-story house, a house built in the 80's and want to sell it because I can't take care of it.
I have worked as a volunteer for some time and was welcoming volunteers until September 2017.
Well if you want a modest accomodation and /or practice Spanish with me, let me know.
Keep encouraged!

Hello Ruthyie,

Thank you indeed for replying to my post. Sounds like a good idea. Kindly advise when it's a convenient time for you to share some feedback online. My Skype id is  ***  and I can also be reached via WhatsApp with my contact number  ***  (unless you have another app preference). Please let me know, so we can make a time for a brief online chat.
Looking forward to hear from you,

Constantinos Flessas

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Hi Constantinos,
Thanks to you for sharing your data, though I can't read it. We have to follow the rules of the forum. I will send you a private message.  :)

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