Long term car rental Mauritius

I am trying to decide between buying, leasing or renting a car.  So:

1. Does anyone know companies which offer lease / loan facilities to new arrivals who don't yet have work history (new in job) and finance history (new bank account) on the island? 
2. If I rent a car for around 6-9 months, where is the best place to go for this at a reasonable rate?  It needs to be automatic, well maintained and properly insured so there would be no issues in the event of an accident. How much should I expect to pay for a medium size automatic car?

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Contact Mr. Nitish on *** for long term car rental.

Being new in Mauritius, banks may not offer loan or lease purchase of car.

Taking on rent is best options.

Check with the contact details I give you.

All the best

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