Wanting to move to CA from U.K.

Hi, we are very keen to move to CA, possibly SAN Francisco, Mill Valley etc. We are from the U.K., one of us is a university lecturer/ nurse and the other a dentist. We are happy to leave our professions and work in other sectors, but we would welcome advice/ pointing in the direction of what we need to consider/ apply for to reside and buy property in CA. Thank you

:waw i'm just jealous, good luck :cool:

The United States needs experienced nurses desperately. If you can speak English, which you obviously can, it is that much easier to find work. I have no direct knowledge of San Francisco, but many larger hospitals and universities in the country can sponsor work visas.

Source: I am an RN who has been offered several jobs in New York.


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Mae Mir :

Welcome. I am recruiting nurses for Georgia USA. This will be an EB3 immigrant visa and will shoulder the premium processing, lawyer’s fee and NVC. Please keep in Touch if you are interested.

Georgia might be a long commute from San Francisco.

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