VPN legal in china?


I'm currently using a VPN service. I know that they're kinda in a gray area legal wise. Does anyone know someone that got into trouble because of VPN usage?

I've been using vpnchina.io for a while.

VPN use in China is legal. The only thing is that they sometimes work and sometimes do not.

People talk about the great firewall of China, but don't know what it is. Once you understand what it is, you will greatly understand the problems that you will encounter.

[1] China is not connected to the global internet.
[2] Instead, all of China is connected to a Chinese intranet.
[3] To access the internet outside of the intranet is generally easy, but can be limited if need be.
[4] Since China has full control of the intranet, they can restrict access at will. So for instance anything that uses anything related to Google will be super slow as the intranet processes the fetch commands. (Hint, don't use Google fonts).

If the area around you is accessing the outside internet in ways deemed harmful, the intranet would restrict your access to the outside internet.

I hope this elementary explanation is helpful to you.

I use a VPN which works pretty well. It works super fast on computer and smartphone. I found a way around to make the VPN free. I can giveaway the username and password should anyone wish. If you want to know more about it please PM me.

I don't believe in free VPNs. paid services have an incentive to protect how to pick a vpn for torrenting

For simple tasks like facebook, instagram and whatsapp etc, free VPN is okay but just be sure to read their End User License Agreement (EULA) - they might bombard you with adverts and might even share your info to the third parties  and the list goes on. Browsing websites, torrents and tasks that requires higher bandwidth usage, the best way is to go with paid solutions.

Now VPN is blocking up in China.I can not find any useable VPN  in appstore .

Johnson_sy :

Now VPN is blocking up in China.I can not find any useable VPN  in appstore .

China Mainland's Apple appstore does not allow VPN apps - banned by the government. If your Apple id locale is in China, forget about downloading VPN app. However you can register apple ID overseas. How to do it is, for obvious reasons, beyond the scope of this answer.

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