Looking for schools for young children in Haarlem

Hello I currently live in USA and I look to be moving to Haarlem Netherlands in aprox 2 years. I have a young daughter who will be 4 at that time. I am trying to find a list of schools for children that age in Haarlem and seem to only come across international schools with high fees.. Do all schools have fees for children in Haarlem? is there a list of local schools you can direct me to? Thanks so much for your help

If she goes to a Dutch school you don't have to pay a high fee, but if you want her at a English language school than yes you pay a high fee.

My advise would be putting her in a Dutch school, we have a good education system.

I would love to put her in a Dutch school. I have researched the Dutch School system and my wife and I are very happy. Can you recommend dutch schools in Haarlem I am having trouble locating on line. we wanted to live close to City Centre but ultimately we will base our home location on her school. Thanks so much for your help.

I would love to help but I don't live near Haarlem, so I don't know any.

I can say most people look for schools in the neighborhood where they live, so the distance to school is normally very close. So it's easy to walk or when further a short bike ride.
You can also ask around in your new neighborhood. You should definitly go talk with the principals of the closest schools and make the choice on what feels right for the both of you.
Most of the time your child can "test run" at the school to see how she likes it.

Thanks so much for your time and help

Hello, were you able to find more information? I am actually in the same situation. From what I saw, public schools are full and it is difficult to get a place after the lottery (they have a lottery system in place for children aged 3 1/2, but I don't know how it works for 4- and 5-year-old children.) Any information will be appreciated.

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