Public primary schools in Ixelles, Wolluwe, Uccle area


I am spanish and will be moving to Brussels with my 3 year old baby in September. I would like her to attend a public frenach speaking school. I am thinking to live in Ixelles, Volluwe or Uccle areas (dont know exactly why, they seem to be goos to live for childre based on what I have readed on the net). Could anyone please advice on good publeic schools in those areas?. I believe I would have to choose my place for living based on where i find a chools for my child.

Anu help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Ixelles will be the most difficult area to get a school place in a desirable school as schools are very much sought after / not saought after. Ixelles in the north is very different to the Woluwes and Uccle, increasingly popular but not much open space, not much chance of a big garden.

Hallo Schoolmum- Your nickname sounds promissing!
Thank you very much for your answere. Where would you recomendmed to start searching for schools based on the possibility to get a free place in a public school and living in a nice neighbourhood for children?.
My job will be located near the Erasmus Hospital, thai is the south west part of the city.

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The obvious place for Erasmus is Anderlecht or Molenbeek. It's not the most popular place to live, depends on your salary, it's much cheaper than Ixelles or the Woluwes or Uccle. I would definitely look along the metro line 5. Schools are very hard to get objective opinions on and the schools are struggling with too many children too. IF you really want to live near an expat population, I would go for metro line 5 from Mérode to Herman-Debroux, but do look at travel times to Erasmus, you are looking at 45 minutes or more . Definitely not Uccle, unless right in the south of Uccle in the Stalle area where you can get a bus to Ceria metro station then metro, crossing from Uccle to Erasme is not easy otherwise. You will find communal schools easier to get places in now than Catholic and Method type ones. You will find places, just not perhaps the most desirable schools. Since you are Spanish, the traditional immigrant area is St Gilles which is accessible by metro, but schools are really not well regarded there. The only school in Anderlecht I know which is well regarded at secondary level and probably therefore also at maternelle and primaire also is INSITUT des SOEURS de NOTRE DAME.
there are too many well regarded maternelles in the Woluwes, in Auderghem, in Etterbeek, all these places in the east along line 5 / 1 of the metro line to list.

This house is not far from Institut des Soeurs de Natre Dame and not far from the shopping centre, not far from St Guido metro which goes to Erasmus.

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