Assistance on EP Status - Deferred

Hi All,

I have applied for EP through my company and status on the website is being displayed as deferred and submission date is 10th Feb. Can you help me to understand how much time it usually takes in such a case?


Deferred usually means the application is pending and often it is because some paperwork is still required such as from the company itself. It might be incorporation documents or an approved annual staffing plan or a request to add a new expat position to the staffing plan. The company should be able to tell you the situation.  It may add an extra 2-3 weeks to the approval process (currently taking at least 20 working days) or longer if the company is slow in resolving the requirements.

Where are you checking your application status?

Thank you for the reply and guidance.
I am currently checking here:
Is this correct page to check?

I’m also having the same issue and checking in the same page

Hi, I have still not got the EP. It's been almost 5 months. Status is still deferral.

Any idea?

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