Being convincing to an employer in Canada

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Finding a job in Canada is no easy feat. From applying for a job all the way to job interviews, the etiquette can be different abroad. Specially job interviews, that can already be pretty daunting, can feel even worse when set in a whole new country. If you’ve gone through a job interview in Canada before, how about giving a few tips to someone who might be preparing for one?

Do interviews usually take place in a formal or casual setting in Canada? Do you have any pointers for job interviews that take place over a lunch or dinner?

From application all the way to the job interview, what is essential to make an candidate stand out?

Culturally speaking, are there specific do’s and don’ts? What is the general take on bringing a parent on the job interview or a gift to the interviewer?

Can you tell us a little about your experience? What worked and what did not work for you?

How important is it to have a solid professional network prior to a job interview?

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Stay away from discussing politics and religion. These two opinions could offend some.
The following two site have good information on how you can prepare for an interview.
Most employers understand the the cultural differences and the language barriers. Canadians are generally are sensitive and understanding about the challenges facing new immigrants. Once you arrive here there are a few agencies that  are willing to help in preparing your resume and career counseling free of charge.

Good Luck !

This video may help.


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Hello everyone

I hope you all doing well.

I would like to plan a trip to Canada (Nova Scotia, Halifax) for job search in the next few months and I questionning myself if the "walk in" application will work there. What I mean is if I can gather a list of jobs online then show myself up there to their offices with my resume on hands to apply directly in person ?

Is there a way to know which companies are designated by the province to issue a job offer and support foreign applicants in their immigration process through the skilled worker program ?

Anyone has gone through this process before ?

Any tips would be more than welcome.

Sorry that I did not introduced myself. My name is Thierry, I live in Hungary and I speak both French and English. I hold a valid Canadian Visitor Visa with multiple entries. I have been in Quebec recently on a Business trip and hopefully can still use my visa to re-enter for short stay (job search) then exit and start an immigration procedure if job found with sponsorship.

My regards

hi,my name cucu suhanah I'm 41 year old,I'm Indonesian ,single and work in hongkong but I have a dream move and work in Canada my experience in hk almost 12 years, my job is helper, nanny, working for Chinese employers and I have experience in middle east also ,thank you, regard cucu

am Collins and i have bachelors degree in procurement and logistics management and also am a lecturer e by experience were by i lecture in computer studies and also business courses. as my CV or resume will show.

interviews always  take place in a formal setting in Canada and formal clean, neat appearance and outfit  is a Must.

pointers for job interviews that take place over a lunch or dinner- is for God sake eat home and drink at home, its ok to have a casual tea or coffee along but Please do yourself a favor don't take your lunch in the same time while having your interview it is definitely a no no

From application all the way to the job interview, essential to make an candidate stand out are :
- Great resume and after interview send a thank you note
- neat, clean appearance is a given
- great communication,
- be genuine do not answer like a robot things that you learned as answers from google for interviews
-Do Not  bring a parent on the job interview or any gift to the interviewer- a BIG NO NO
- volunteer work
- Great Professional references- do not use friends as references or parents or relatives-

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